About Us

Matt 28:19

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit”

Our Vision

Love God, love neighbour and love the lost.


Committed to the Great Commission

Who We Are

Nyali Baptist Church desires to have reached out to the lost in the neighbourhood with specific target to the unreached people groups.

Core Values

  • Discipleship
  • Outreach / Evangelism
  • Missions
  • Worship
  • Fellowship
  • Family strengthening
  • Service


We believe in the “Triune God”
We believe in the Bible
We believe in the ordinances (Baptism and Lord’s Supper)
We believe in the “Family”

Purposes of the Church

Purpose 1: Love the Lord with all your heart – worship.

Purpose 2: Love your neighbour as yourself – ministry.

Purpose 3: Go and make disciples – evangelism.

Purpose 4: “Baptising them” – the three; “Go”, “baptizing” and “teaching” are processes of disciple making. Therefore the scripture treats baptism equally with “going” and “teaching”. Why is “baptism” so important? It is because It symbolizes one of the purposes of the church: “fellowship” – identification with the body of Christ.

Baptism not only symbolizes our new life in Christ, but also a person’s incorporation in the body of Christ. It is a public testimony to the world that “this person is now one of us”.

Purpose 5: Teaching them to obey – discipleship.