At Nyali Baptist Church, we engage in various ministries and meetings to help us grow in the Lord as we serve Him.

Children’s Ministry

Since inception, our children’s ministry has been a focal point at Nyali Baptist and indeed the Sunday School remains ever-popular and a great source of new families joining our church.

Initiated by the leadership in the 1990’s and carried on from that good foundation through our able Superintendents from Gay Littleford through to Celestine Nambute today, the children’s ministry has grown even as our church has grown.

Today we have 250 – 300 children each week attending Sunday School classes from crèche level through to the teens in 6 separate classrooms and they are served by a dedicated team of teachers and assistants many of whom have been faithfully serving for 10 years and more.

As you may imagine, with so many children crammed into so few rooms, we are having a space challenge and that is why the church is currently fundraising to improve our facilities by going up another two floors so we can teach our children in comfort.

Music Ministry

The music ministry comprises the Teens Worship Team, Church Worship Team and Church Choir.

Mens Ministry

An opportunity for men to grow spiritually, become accountable, and build friendships. The Men’s Ministry meets once a month for enriching fellowships and teachings.

Here you can join others to grow, share, and reach out. You will grow through the discussion and application of God’s Word. You will share life with all of its joys and challenges. You will reach out to others using your spiritual gifts. Come find your place to belong.

Women’s Ministry

The Ladies’ Ministry meets once a month for a rich variation fellowships,  teachings, prayers and activities. They also organize powerful retreats once a year. Any lady can be a member from 18 years and above.