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History of Nyali Baptist Church

From a home Bible Study to a congregation of over 500 worshipers

The Nyali Baptist Church started as a Home Bible Study Group. This later led to a bigger community Christian fellowship that grew and officially led to the formation of Nyali Baptist Church in 1992.

Due to the teething challenges and a high turnover of brethren on the original group, growth on the original group was slow for the first four years.

In 1995, God graciously added to the church brethren from other parts of the country, most of who were immediately called into membership. The end of 1995 and a deacon board initiated and organized an election; Due to the absence of a Pastor “a Preaching Team” was formed to strengthen the preaching and teaching ministry of the church. The Lord lay on the hearts of the deacons to pray for a pastor who would shepherd the flock at Nyali Baptist. This prayer was answered by the calling of Pastor Stephen in 1999.

It is noteworthy to state that the Baptist Mission of Kenya helped source for an interim Pastor during the 1997-1998 periods the coming of Pastor Frank and Snow Serda from Fairhope Baptist Church in Alabama U.S. was God send and much appreciated at Nyali Baptist Church. The main tasks facing Pastor Frank and Snow Serda were to help laying a foundation for the eventual take-over by a Kenya pastor and to help in putting up a sanctuary for the Nyali Baptist Church Congregation. It should also be noted that Brother Paul Kimani, then Treasurer, helped set up financial systems that arc currently in use.

In a nutshell, we can state that the main achievements the leadership managed to accomplish was:

Bring vision to the Set up Church government and Ministry structures to direct the ongoing Ministries of the Church, e.g. Women’s Ministry. Sunday school. Youth. Bible Study and Hospitality Welfare.

The concept of plural leadership, teamwork, mutual purpose and accountability was experienced. The Easter, Christmas and New Years Services were introduced with Church luncheon encouraged for fellowship purposes.

It is in this period that a lot of groundwork and preparation for recruitment of a Pastor was made. The Church defined its relationship with the Baptist Convention of Kenya with the Constitution of the Church being revisited to make it consistent with the stage of growth.

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