Nyali Baptist Church has helped in planting two churches. One is at Kadzandani, in Bamburi area, while the other is at Mzambarauni, around Kikambala.


The church started in the year 2006 with the help of a few missionaries and 4 locals, fellowships were held at Mzee Julius Juma place under a mango tree, Mzee was one of the early faithfuls.

The year 2007 were troubled times (due to Post Election Violence) but the church stood strong. In 2009 with the help of fundraising, Nyali Baptist bought a plot for building a church, and by November that year construction began.

In 2010 the current pastor, Pastor Aggrey  joined the church and has been overseeing it to date. At the moment of this writeup, the church has 30 members, 50 Sunday school children and 10 youths.

Today Kadzandani Church is strong and still growing due to the grace of God.